It is believed that all elements work on the basis of vibrations. Having said this, it is interesting to discover that essential oils, when used in aromatherapy, also have similar vibration techniques that harness and create positive energy. Thus, there is a link between the use of aromatherapy and spiritual connection. 

Those who are familiar with this theory attest to the changes in energy when the use of aromatherapy is practiced. Vibrating in higher frequencies not only draws positive energy, but also resonates this energy, while positively affecting the surroundings.  

One does not have to be an expert in aromatherapy to know that scents affect the human body and mind distinctly. These scents are able to invoke emotions, memories, and even visions. A lot of spiritual practices involve the use of aromatherapy style rituals. As mentioned, these uses of aromatherapy cause high frequency vibrations, and this enables the individual to connect with the inner self and experience total oneness with body and mind, keeping both well balanced in harmony.

Once the spiritual connection is established and easily maintained, many corresponding uses can be derived from aromatherapy, such as complete oneness in thought, intent, and purpose. Another use is in purification rituals and healing processes, blending prayers with affirmations and meditations at a higher and more concentrated level.

Before the medical world endorsed aromatherapy in assisting in the healing process and keeping illnesses at bay, aromatherapy was used for spiritual purposes in most ancient cultures. The connection and energy emitted and harnessed through aromatherapy has its own unique elements. It helps those seeking spiritual connections for healing or even for those who simply wish to have a general state of peace, in both body and mind. 

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