Below is a list of crystals that may help you and provide that much-needed supercharge of energy. Broadly speaking, if faced with tiredness, pick out stones that are connected with the component of Fire. This component is energy personified. You'll discover that stones ruled by fire are frequently ruled by the Sun or the planet Mars, and are nearly always red in color. Mars is frequently called the Planet of Warriors. If you wish to fight fatigue, you'll have to think like a warrior.

That being stated, the crystals in that category are Ruby, Garnet, Red Jasper, and Amber. And as fatigue might bring with it rounds of depression and/or insomnia, Amethyst and Green Aventurine are useful crystals to heal these ailments.

  • Ruby is a crimson crystal that's ruled by the component of Fire and the planet Mars. This potent energizer step-ups blood flow, heightens stamina, and presents you with renewed energy. Utilise it on the sacral or root chakra. Raw, rough rubies are much less expensive and are perfect for this sort of healing. Reload rubies utilizing a soft cloth to wipe them down and put them on a windowsill at night time to be charged up by the stars.
  • Garnet is a burgundy-red stone that's ruled by Fire and the planet Mars as well. Put on the root chakra, it may improve circulation, as well as expand that sense of vitality you might be missing. This warming crystal may be worn or carried in a pocket (as with all of these crystals) and it may be recharged even on a mirky night.
  • Red Jasper is the “Warrior Rock”. This red rock is, like Ruby and Garnet, ruled by Fire and Mars. It's indispensable if you have to step-up stamina, heighten circulation and want to give an awesome boost of energy to the system. It's affiliated with the root chakra and may be recharged by passing it through a red standard candle flame.
  • Amber, the fossilized leftovers of ancient tree resin, is affiliated with Fire and the Sun. This fiery, golden-orange stone reloads your energy levels by arousing a more favorable attitude. If your emotions are running rampant due to emotional overcharge, lay amber on the solar plexus or sacral chakra to counterbalance those emotional tensions. It may be recharged by placing it on a sunny windowsill.
  • Amethyst is a quieting stone for those enduring fatigue ascribable to emotional overload. This purplish crystal is ruled by the component of Air and the planet Jupiter. It's thought of as an awesome healing stone for emotional weariness, insomnia and headaches. It likewise balances blood glucose levels and has been recognized to recharge other stones. Put it on your brow chakra or beneath your pillow at night. Naturally, it may be worn or carried. Reload amethyst by putting it in moonlight, as this stone shouldn't be placed in direct Sunlight.
  • Aventurine, while green, is a marvelous crystal for clearing off negativity, increasing optimism and affecting a more favorable outlook. It's a more gentle stimulating stone, but may still encourage a regenerated zest for life. It's an earth stone and is ruled by Mercury. Aventurine is utilized on the heart chakra to quiet panic-attacks and nervousness affiliated with emotional fatigue. It may be recharged by placing it in amongst the leaves of a plant during the day.

If you’ve ever experienced a lack of energy or fatigue after lunch this sort of afternoon energy slump may be alleviated with your crystals, rather than having to grab a caffeinated drink or sugary snack. Crystals that are going to hike up that afternoon slouch are ruby, amber, and jasper. Ruby and Amber are reloading stones and will jump start your system. A different one to try is aventurine, which will add a little optimism to the mix.

What if you're having difficulty sleeping? You're so worn out from your everyday life and stress, you feel as if you could sleep for a week, but your mind won't switch off... Cup of Chamomile Tea? Maybe some calming music and a a little meditation? Go for it.

Rose Quartz and Amethyst will likewise bring a more relaxing sleep if placed beneath your pillow. These are quieting stones that will greatly help those with overtaxed brains and bouts of insomnia, helping you power up for the day ahead.

A different stone to help you relax is blue lace agate that, if held in your hand, will help your entire body relax. The crystal Iolite can also help with insomnia along with headaches, eyestrain, and mental tension, by working to calm those overtaxed nerves.

So, whether you're a long-distance runner or simply running through the stress of day-after-day, I hope one or more of these crystals will help you to battle your fatigue and bring you serenity and energy.



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