So... you may be wondering why the elements and planets are named with many of the crystal descriptions. Every element – Earth, Air, Fire and Water – and every planet – from the Sun to Pluto – correspond to assorted energies, emotions, attributes, colors, and so forth.

So, here are a few ways to distinguish which element or planet crystals may belong to:

  • Earth is regulated by green and is utilized for grounding, peace, constancy, fertility, cash and gardening/agriculture.
  • Fire, for instance, is affiliated with the color red and is utilized for physical strength, staying power, protection, energy and bravery.
  • Water is blue and is utilized for healing, relaxation, rest, and psychic powers.
  • Air is yellow and is the component of communication, travel and all matters regarding the intellect.

  • Mars is for bravery, passion, protection and strength and is governed likewise by red.
  • The Sun deals with physical power, protection, healing and success and its color is golden or yellow.
  • Jupiter is for meditation spirituality, success, and psychic cognizance and its color is purple.
  • Mercury regulates communication, intuition, self-reformation, study and travel, and its color is yellow.

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