Life would be wonderful if everyone learned to live by and live for the one true rule of our existence, and that rule is love. Love everything and everyone. This is simple in its essence, but extremely hard to practice in reality. If everyone can learn to exchange a life of fear and pain for a life of love, many good things can be achieved. One must try to remain open to love in all aspects of life.

Most people look to the afterlife as being a perfect and peaceful place. However, it has been proven that happiness can be found and kept consistent in this life too. To get to this desired state of comfort, one must be able to consciously change any negative mind set with the specific intentions of living in self love, self trust, and total peace. 

All this takes considerable practice in facing the negative and working to change the situations that are making us unhappy into something better. Some basic points to note while on the quest to live in a state of love are as follows:

  • Live for the now. Learn to enjoy each moment as if it were your last. This enables the individual to slow down and actually appreciate those around them and be less critical as time is short.
  • Value the important things in life. Love those around you consciously and with abandon and not withhold anything. 
  • Taking comfort in the divine power from within that is love and thus the ability to love unconditionally is possible. 
  • Keep the mind centered and focused to always be mindful of any negative elements that might creep into the thought process. 
  • Constantly have loving thoughts and let your imagination love unconditionally. 
  • Listening to calm and soothing music always unleashes the love from within which can identify with the beauty of sound. 
  • Listening to the inner voice and trusting it completely allows the individual to be less stressed and more relaxed and able to attract happiness and love. 

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