Crystals are sacred tools from Mother Earth that assist us in our growth, transformation and healing. They are one of the many medicines of the planet, with each crystal holding a specific energy that can assist us in our healing process. The Earths core is made up of 85% crystal, so in reality we are living on one big crystal ball.

Crystals are so much more than rocks, they are alive and have a consciousness of their own. They hold unique loving energies that assist humanity in discovering our true divine essence.

As we connect to a crystal and its energy, it allows us to align and connect to the same healing energy that exists within each of us. The healing energy of the crystals merge with our bodies energy field and promote harmony and balance.

The similarities between the crystals and the human body allow the cells of the body to communicate with each other, creating a transfer of energy and allowing the innate intelligence of the body to heal itself.

Crystals amplify the light within. The more energy and love you share with them the more love and light they radiate back to you.

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