Smudging Essentials Kit

Smudging Essentials Kit

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This kit is all you need to perform a successful & peaceful smudging ceremony.

Contains: 1 x Palo Santo smudging stick & 1 x White Sage smudging stick.

These products are organically grown and sourced from sustainable farms.

Palo Santo 

Used throughout history by the native peoples of South America as an essential tool in sacred rituals for its energetic cleansing and healing properties. It can be used to cleanse spaces and objects, welcome positive thoughts and feelings, and evoke a sense of calm and clarity. The sweet aroma of Palo Santo smoke provides an uplifting scent that calms the mind and raises your vibration in preparation for meditation, providing a deeper spiritual connection.

White Sage 

For centuries white sage has been considered a sacred, cleansing, purifying and protective plant. White Sage is burned in a ritual known as smudging, a cleansing ceremony used to rid a person, space or object of negative energy. Sage emits negative ions and our aura holds positive ions; through the smudging process we can neutralise our aura or the energetic field of other spaces and objects to cleanse and renew, welcoming a positive shift in energy and vibration.


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