Sacred Self Love - Workshop

Sacred Self Love - Workshop

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Sacred Self Love is the art of self-facilitation through Anahata (our heart portals), the act of self-care, setting strong boundaries and learning to harness the energy in and around us.

To achieve this is to self-soothe, self-parent and fulfill our own needs FIRST – to meet ourselves exactly where we are at this moment in time, and truly embodying the god/goddess that you are!

Join us on 19th March as we come together for an intensive 3 hour live event, where we go DEEP.

In this session you will:

- Partake in a sacred Cacao Ceremony with Mama Cacao

- Learn how to manifest with the moon

- Learn how to implement daily self-care rituals

- Master the art of journalling, affirmations and gratitude

- Partake in multiple meditations (Pillar of Light, Pyramid of light, Affirmations)

You will each take home a self-care journal, a manifest with the moon workbook and a few other little goodies that will be kept as a surprise!

  • Saturday 19th March – 1PM-4PM
  • Airport West – Location TBC
  • Energy Exchange is $111 AUD

Only you are responsible for your own sense of comfort, safety, nurturing, protection and well-being.

Please jump in my inbox if you have any relating to the event, or simply just want to connect with like minded souls. My door is always open <3

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